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RMN Events introduces New Golden Gear

By AWP , 11/18/16, 8:30PM EST


Golden Gear takes on new look...

Denver CO: The new Golden Gear award has taken on a new look for 2017. Now wrestlers will have the chance to win the Golden Gear award and wear it with pride! 

"We have wanted to offer this award since Jeff Estrada suggested the award over 2-years ago." said Ed Gutierrez of RMN Events. "It takes quite a bit of time for the design, planning and we felt it was the right time to introduce the new award." added Gutierrez

Champions of 4-RMN Events will now win the entire package of the Golden Gear, which includes the singlet, fight shorts and rash guards. Each will be custom made to fit the Golden Gear champion once the award is earned at the Rocky Mountain Nationals in March of 2017. 

The custom gear will take only 3-4 weeks to complete after the tournament. The champions will wear the gear with pride as it reflects being the champion of 4-National events in the previous year. 

The Golden Gear package will be on display starting December 31st at the Who's Bad? National Classic in Denver, Colorado.

The new Golden Gear Award

Golden Gear