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Bald Eagles crown 3 champs at Mat-Town Open

By Lock Haven Sports Information , 11/28/16, 12:30PM EST


LOCK HAVEN, Pa. – The Lock Haven University wrestling team hosted the 11th annual Mat-Town Open Tournament today (Sunday, November 27) and the Bald Eagles came away with three champions, which highlighted a strong outing for Lock Haven.

Ronnie Perry (Christiana, Pa./Solanco), Kyle Shoop (Boiling Springs, Pa./Boiling Springs) and Tristan Sponseller (East Berlin, Pa./Bermudian Springs) were all crowned champions at their respective weight classes.

Jake Field (South Elgin, Ill./Marmion Academy), DJ Fehlman (Warren, Pa./Warren), Tyler Wood (West Chester, Pa./West Chester-Rustin) and Adam Mackie (Bechtelsville, Pa./Brandywine Heights) all placed second.

It was an all-around solid day for the Bald Eagles as 11 advanced to the semifinals.

Lock Haven sent seven to the finals including the all-LHU final at 141 pounds between Perry and Fehlman.

Perry went 4-0 on the way to the title at 141 pounds. He racked up two tech falls and a pin, before downing teammate-Fehlman for the title.

Shoop also went 4-0 on the way to his title at 149. He downed Paul Klee (UNA) 6-2 in the finals.

Sponseller (197) went 3-0 and bookended his day with pins. He opened the day with a pin (1:57) and used a 13-6 victory in the semifinals to advance to the championship bout. In the finals, Sponseller pinned Kevin Mulligan (Rutgers, UNA) just 1:14 into the bout.

Field was 2-1 at 125, Fehlman was 3-1 at 141, Wood was 4-1 at 174 and Mackie went 2-1 at 184, as all four finished second in the tournament.

Wood moved into the finals with a 4-0 record that saw him pick up a tech fall, pin and major decision.

The three individual champions and seven finalists highlighted a day that saw Lock Haven go a combined 46-25.

Keanan Bottorf (Mill Hall, Pa./Central Mountain) and Collin Glorioso (Huntingdon, Pa./Huntingdon) both ripped their way to third-place bouts after opening the day with losses.

Bottorf finished 3-1 at 125, good enough for third overall. Before defaulting out of his third-place match, Glorioso was 4-1 at 141, which proved to be a strong weight class for Lock Haven today.

Thomas Haines (Quarryville, Pa./Ohio State) also turned in a solid effort today for Lock Haven. He cruised into the 285-pound semifinals thanks to three dominating wins. Haines opened the tournament 3-0 with three straight tech falls. He outscored his opponents 49-0 in his first three wins before falling in the semifinals to Craig Scott (Cornell, UNA).

Patrick Duggan (Mechanicsburg, Pa./Cumberland Valley), Nathan Cheek (Edwardsville, Pa./Wyoming Valley West) and Trey Hartsock (Lewistown, Pa./Mifflin County) joined Haines as semifinalists.

Next weekend the Bald Eagles are set to open Eastern Wrestling League (EWL) action. Lock Haven will host Rider on Saturday, December 3 at 6:30 p.m. and hosts George Mason on Sunday, December 4 at 12 p.m.

LHU Weight-by-Weight Agate

*the majority of LHU's 21 wrestlers competed unattached today

125: Jake Field (2-1) second

1st Round vs. Aaron Wildonger (Millersville, UNA) W, 22-9 major dec.

Semifinals vs. Anthony Petril (Kutztown, UNA) W, 10-4 dec.

Finals vs. Josiah Kline (UNA) L, 7-4 dec.

125: Keanan Bottorf (3-1) third

1st Round vs. Anthony Petril (Kutztown, UNA) L, 3-0 dec.

Consolation Round vs. Aaron Wildonger (Millersville, UNA) W, PIN (0:47)

Consolation Semifinals vs. Cameron Butler (Clarion, UNA) W, 8-6 dec.

Third-Place vs. Anthony Petril (Kutztown, UNA) W, 7-6 dec.

125: Brandon Loperfido (0-1)

1st Round vs. Cameron Butler (Clarion, UNA) L, 7-6 dec.

Consolation Round – MED. DEF.


133: Joe Ghione (1-2)

1st Round vs. Brendan Howard (Clarion) L, 6-3 dec.

Consolation Round vs. Ryan Carlson (Clarion, UNA) W, 3-1 dec.

Consolation Round 2 vs. Andy Schultz (Bloomsburg, UNA) L (pin; 0:50)


133: Lewis Williams (0-2)

1st Round vs. Josh Patrick (Rutgers, UNA) L, 16-0 tech fall

Consolation Round vs. Patrick Dewitt (Clarion, UNA) L, 9-8 dec.


141: Ronnie Perry (4-0) champion

1st Round vs. Nicholas Maher (F&M) W, 16-0 tech fall

Quarterfinals vs. Bradley Bihler (Buffalo, UNA) W, 18-1 tech fall

Semifinals vs. Kevin Budock (Old Dominion) W, PIN (2:50)

Finals vs. DJ Fehlman (LHU) W, 7-0 dec.


141: Collin Glorioso (4-1)

1st Round vs. Ryan Peters (Buffalo, UNA) L, 7-3 dec.

Consolation Round vs. Christopher Martorello (F&M) W, PIN (0:54)

Consolation Round 2 vs. Trence Gillem (Cornell, UNA) W, 12- major dec.

Consolation Round 3 vs. Michael Doetsch (Maryland, UNA) W, 2-0 dec.

Consolation Semifinals vs. Kenan Carter (Old Dominion, UNA) W, 3-2 dec.

Third-Place – MED. DEF.


141: DJ Fehlman (3-1) second

1st Round vs. Michael Doetsch (Maryland, UNA) W, 2-0 dec.

Quarterfinals vs. Marlon Argueta (UNA) W, 11-0 major dec.

Semifinals vs. Kenan Carter (Old Dominion, UNA) W, 3-2 dec.

Finals vs. Ronnie Perry (LHU) L, 7-0 dec. 6


149: Kyle Shoop (4-0) champion

1st Round vs. Cole Aaron (F&M, UNA) W (MED. DEF.)

Quarterfinals vs. Justin Smith (Pitt-Johnstown, UNA) W, 10-0 major dec.

Semifinals vs. Ryan Diehl (Maryland, UNA) W, won by med. def.

Finals vs. Paul Klee (UNA) W, 6-2 dec.


149: Tanner Sutton (1-2)

1st Round vs. Sam Martino (Virginia, UNA) L, 4-0 dec.

Consolation Round vs. David Kelly (Bucknell, UNA) W, PIN (3:52)

Consolation Round 2 vs. Chris Yankowich (Virginia) L, 9-4 dec.


149: Patrick Duggan (2-2)

1st Round vs. Alex Murray (Pitt) W, 10-6 dec.

Quarterfinals vs. Will Verallis (Old Dominion, UNA) W, 11-4 dec.

Semifinals vs. Paul Klee (UNA) L, 8-1 dec.

Consolation Semifinals vs. Sam Martino (Virginia, UNA) L, 3-2 dec.


157: Kyle Hammond (1-0)

1st Round vs. Ryan Dougherty (Bloomsburg, UNA) W, 4-2 dec.

Quarterfinals – MED. DEF.


157: Nathan Cheek (2-2)

1st Round vs. Micailum Tanner (Clarion, UNA) W, 6-3 dec.

Quarterfinals vs. Michael Murphy (Virginia, UNA) W, 6-5 dec.

Semifinals vs. Ricky Stamm (Hofstra, UNA) L, 16-6 major dec.

Consolation Semifinals vs. Taylor Cahill (Clarion) L, 9-2 dec.


174: Tyler Wood (4-1) second

1st Round vs. James Stillerman (F&M) W, 15-0 tech fall

2nd Round vs. Jarek Gozdieski (Bucknell) W, PIN (3:48)

Quarterfinals vs. Donovan Mcafee (Pitt) W, 13-0 major dec.

Semifinals vs. Josh Young (F&M) W, 2-0 dec.

Finals vs. Chance Marsteller (Pride Wrestling, UNA) L, 13-3 major dec.


174: Gavin Caprio (1-2)

1st Round vs. Cameron Jacobson (Pitt) L, 10-7 dec.

Consolation Round vs. Ray Bernot (LHU) W, 8-6 dec.

Consolation Round 2 vs. Gordon Bolig (F&M) L, 4-3 dec.


174: Ray Bernot (0-2)

1st Round bye

2nd Round vs. Brendan Burnham (Maryland, UNA) L, 12-7 dec.

Consolation Round vs. Gavin Caprio (LHU) L, 8-6 dec.


184: Adam Mackie (2-1) second

1st Round bye

Quarterfinals vs. Gregg Harvey (Pitt) W, PIN (0:47)

Semifinals vs. Connor Frey (Old Dominion, UNA) W, 17-0 tech fall

Finals vs. Anthony Mancini (F&M) L, 8-6 dec.


197: Tristan Sponseller (3-0) champion

1st Round bye

Quarterfinals vs. Jack Argast (F&M) W, PIN (1:57)

Semifinals vs. Jay Aiello (Virginia, UNA) W, 13-6 dec.

Finals vs. Kevin Mulligan (Rutgers, UNA) W, PIN (1:14)


197: Trey Hartsock (2-2)

1st Round bye

Quarterfinals vs. Terrell Fields (Clarion, UNA) W, 4-3 dec.

Semifinals vs. Kevin Mulligan (Rutgers, UNA) L, 17-0 tech fall (3:45)

Consolation Semifinals vs. Edgar Ruano (Clarion) W, 14-1 major dec.

Third-Place vs. Phillip Robilotto (F&M, UNA) L, 7-3 dec.


285: Thomas Haines (4-1)

1st Round vs. Corey Kerkesner (F&M) W, 16-0 tech fall (4:41)

2nd Round vs. Alex Nicholas (Penn State, UNA) W, 17-0 tech fall (4:41)

Quarterfinals vs. Saul Wilkins (Bloomsburg, UNA) W, 16-0 tech fall (6:45)

Semifinals vs. Craig Scott (Cornell, UNA)  L,

Consolation Semifinals W, won by med. def.


285: Brad Emerick (3-1)

1st Round bye

2nd Round vs. Antonio Pelusi (F&M, UNA) W, 4-1 dec.

Quarterfinals vs. AJ Nevills (NLWC, UNA) L (pin; 2:39)

Consolation Round vs. Alex Nicholas (Penn State, UNA) W, 9-0 major dec.

Consolation Round 2 vs. Chuck Boddy (Virginia) W, 6-0

Consolation Semifinals – MED. DEF.